Lotz House Images - Lotz House, Franklin  Tennessee
Lotz House, Franklin Tennessee

Lotz House Images - Lotz House circa 1960
Lotz House circa 1960


Johann Albert Lotz

In 1855, German immigrant Johann Albert Lotz purchased five acres of land from Fountain Branch Carter. Three years later in 1858, after doing most of the work himself, Lotz completed his home. By trade, Mr. Lotz was a master carpenter and a piano maker. He also repaired guitars and violins. His home served as his “show house” to demonstrate his carpentry work to potential clients. The three fireplace mantles demonstrate his range from simple to very complex designs.

There are also several battle scars including the charred, rounded indention in the wood flooring where a cannonball flew through the roof, a second story bedroom, and then landed on the first floor and rolled. In addition, the home has an impressive solid black walnut wraparound handrail that starts on the ground floor and wraps all the way around to the second floor.

To accomplish this engineering feat in the mid-nineteenth century is truly remarkable. What’s more, the newel post at the bottom of the staircase is actually an inverted leg of one Mr. Lotz's pianos. The outside of the home indeed is a testament to Mr. Lotz's talent. All the handcarved acorn finials, millwork, and cartouches were constructed by Lotz.

Lotz House Images - Johann Albert Lotz

Lotz House Images - Margaretha Lotz Portrait
Johann Lotz
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Margaretha Lotz

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Augustus Lotz Matilda Lotz